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Ada Utility Library 1.6.0 is available

By Stephane Carrez

Ada Utility Library is a collection of utility packages for Ada 2005. A new version is available which provides:

  • Support for HTTP clients (curl, AWS, ...)
  • Support for REST APIs using JSON
  • New operations To_JSON and From_JSON for easy object map serialization
  • Added a listeners to help implementing the observer/listener design patterns
  • Added support for wildcard mapping in serialization framework
  • New option -d <dir> for the unit test harness to change the working directory,
  • New example facebook.adb to show the REST support.

It has been compiled and ported on Linux, Windows and Netbsd (gcc 4.4, GNAT 2011, gcc 4.6.3). You can download this new version at

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