Docker Notes

Version 5 by Stephane Carrez


Install Docker engine

Update the current user to give him rights to access the docker daemon:

sudo usermod -aG docker ciceron

Build Command

Build with a Dockerfile. Change to the directory that contains the Dockerfile:

docker build -t atlas .

Pull Command

Pull a repository from docker Hub:

sudo docker pull ciceron/ada-rest-api-server-benchmark-asf

Run the container

Start the web server with:

sudo docker run --name asf-benchmark -p 8081:8080 -d ciceron/ada-rest-api-server-benchmark-asf

Stop the container:

sudo docker stop asf-benchmark
sudo docker rm asf-benchmark

Debug the container

Connect a shell to the running container:

 docker exec -it asf-benchmark /bin/bash

Restart a container that was stopped:

 docker start -ai asf-benchmark


 docker run -t -d porion /bin/bash