Java 2 Ada

LPS Software Commands

Version 1 by Stephane Carrez

Power Supply Commands

When a power supply is selected, specific commands are available:

Set the voltage in millivolts of the current power supply. Return the voltage that is set. Example:

Request: V10003 Reply: V10000

Set the limiting current in milliamperes for the current power supply. Return the limiting current that is set.

Request: I2023 Reply: I2030

Set the calibration of the output voltage. This is the value that is measured by a multi-meter. It returns the voltage that was asked by the last 'V' command and the new calibration voltage. After this, the voltage is calibrated.

Request: CV9995 Reply: V10000 CV9995

Set the calibration of the output current. This is the value that is measured with a multi-meter. The output current measured internally is adjusted to match the calibrated value.

Request: CI1023 Reply: i1000 CI1023

Set the thresold to choose between the +9 and +18 power supply to drive the output power supply transistor. If the output power supply is bigger that the thresold, the power supply transistor is driven by the +18V. Otherwise it is driven by the +9V.

Request: TV9000 Reply: TV9000

Set the thresold to activate the second current mosfet driver. If the limiting current is higher than the thresold, both mosfet current transistors are open. Otherwise only one mosfet driver is active.

Request: TI600 Reply: TI600

Print the status of the output power supply. The reply has the following format:

V-nnnnn Innnn v-nnnnn i-nnnn

where V and I indicate the selected voltage and maximum current and v and i indicate the measured voltage and current output current.

Request: S Reply: V10000 I2200 v8000 i2210

Print the current output voltage, output current, the selected voltage and limiting current. The i can be one of the following:

V the selected voltage I the limiting current v the output voltage i the output current Request: PV Reply: 10.000

Master Commands

Sn Select the current output power supply. The prompt is changed to indicate the current power supply. Ex:

M>S1 1>

E Exit the power supply mode.