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Dynamo 0.5.0 is available

By Stephane Carrez

Dynamo is a tool to help developers write an Ada Web Application using the Ada Server Faces and the Ada Database Objects frameworks. Dynamo provides several commands to perform one specific task in the development process: creation of an application, generation of database model, generation of Ada model, creation of database.

The new version of Dynamo provides:

  • Support multi-line comments in XML mappings,
  • Generate List_Bean types for the XML mapped queries,
  • Add support for Ada enum generation,
  • Add test template generation,
  • Add AWA service template generation,
  • Add support for blob model mapping,
  • New command 'add-ajax-form', 'add-query', 'dist', 'create-plugin'

The Dynamo tool is available at To build Dynamo, you will need:

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