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AWA 0.2 is available

By Stephane Carrez

Ada Web Application is a framework to build web applications easily on top of Ada Server Faces, Ada Database Objects and Ada Web Server.

The new version of the framework provides:

  • A new event framework with configurable action listeners,
  • Persistent event queues for the event framework,
  • A new blog module and wiki engine supporting Google Wiki, Creole, MediaWiki, phpPP and Dotclear syntax,
  • New mail UI components allowing to generate and send email easily with the ASF presentation pages,
  • A new Javascript plugin Markedit with jQuery Markedit (MIT License)

This new version can be downloaded at http://code.google.com/p/ada-awa/downloads/list (downloading the awa-all package is recommended to get the project and its dependencies).

A demo of an AWA application is available at http://demo.vacs.fr/atlas/

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Atlas, the Ada Web Application demonstrator

By Stephane Carrez 2 comments

AWA is a framework to build web applications on top of various robust components.

  • AWA uses Ada Server Faces for the web framework. This framework is using several patterns from the Java world such as Java Server Faces and Java Servlets.
  • AWA is architectured arround modules and plugins that allow to build, re-use and extend modules made of Ada code, Web pages or Javascript.
  • AWA provides a set of ready to use and extendable plugins that are common to many web application. This includes managing the login, authentication, users, permissions, a mail plugin, a blog plugin, a Javascript light editor.
  • AWA uses an Object Relational Mapping that helps in writing Ada applications on top of MySQL or SQLite databases. The ADO framework allows to map database objects into Ada records and access them easily.
  • AWA integrates a configurable event service which allows plugins to easily interact and connect with each other (either synchronously or asynchronously). The event service provided by AWA is heavily inspired from the Java Message Service.

To learn more on how to create easily a web application using AWA, look at the 4 minutes video.

The Atlas Web Application Demonstrator is a demonstration of an application using this AWA framework. Sources of the Atlas demonstrator are available on GitHub project: Atlas.

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