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Interviews of Planzone R&D development team the free online project management service

By Stephane Carrez

While managing Planzone R&D development team, I asked our marketing team to promote our team and give visibility of each team member through an interview. Interviews started with Imade Lakhlifi who developped ProjectBar during his internship. He was followed by Chris Immel who is our AJAX, Javascript, CSS wizard, Marc Heuveline who developed the Microsoft Project import and Excel reports, Patrick Albaret who put in place a testing quality suite composed of 1300 tests, Tristan Dupont who developed robust core backend features and Jean-Luc Bernette who defines the Planzone features.

Last interview is mine as manager and architect of R&D team.

Each interview give a different perspective of what is Planzone, how it is developed, and where it's going to fly.

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