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What's new in Ada Utility Library 2.7.0

By Stephane Carrez

Version 2.7.0 of Ada Utility Library brings the following improvements:

  • Used spdx-tool to use SPDX-License-Identifier in headers
  • New package Util.Files.Walk to iterate over directory trees and honor .gitignore
  • Add support for custom log formatter (allow to translate log messages, filter messages, ...)
  • Feature #48: Change the log time from UTC to Local Time (configurable)
  • Fix #49: Perf report generates incorrect XML title attributes
  • Fix #50: 128Bit AES-CTR Encoding doesn't work (thanks Adam Jasinski)
  • Fix #53: Executor does not always stop the worker tasks

This article highlights two new features provided by the new version.

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